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Keith Brekhus Could be a Future Missouri Congressman?
Ann Stewart: It's very interesting who you might meet on the internet, while sitting behind a computer. I would like to introduce you to my online friend Keith Brekhus. I want you know that Keith has been the most educational, influential, brilliant, positive supporter we have had at the 2004 Online Election debate. His knowledge of issues and politics has been incredible. I would like you to know this man would make a very intelligent congressman. Here's what Keith Brekhus has to say and what some folks at the 2004 Election Online Debate have to say about him.

Keith Brekhus: I ran for Congress in 2002. I may run for an office again in 2006 but probably not in 2004. If I run again I might run for a state rep. or local office rather than a federal one just because I can get a lot higher percentage in and around Columbia than elsewhere.

I ran as a Green in a four-way race with an incumbent Republican, a Democrat, and a Libertarian. In 2002 I had 8% of the vote in the city of Columbia, Missouri, 17% in the inner city first ward and 32% in one precinct (I even beat the incumbent Republican Congressman in that precinct).

I had to rely on door-to-door canvassing and media stunts to attract the attention of the Columbia paper since Hulshof spent 850,000 dollars and I only spent 2,000. The areas I canvassed polled well for me, but I couldn't reach the people in far away parts of the district and it showed.

One of the funniest campaign incidents was when I tried to hold a news conference in front of Wal-Mart calling for raising the minimum wage to a living wage. Wal-Mart security chased us off the sidewalk even though we weren't on Wal Mart property.

The next week we showed up with drums of oil in front of the Congressman's local office protesting his support for War on Iraq and his lack of support for renewable energy. We even had two hybrid cars there parked around the oil drums which had messages posted on them. We got chased off the lot, but the news crews got some good visuals there.

For anyone who is interested here are some links from the local papers when I ran for office. The first and fourth links even have my picture, though I don't think either picture looks great.

Lysa: Today, while hunting down the representative for my district to write him a letter complaining about the recent DC voucher vote that Delay scheduled to coincide with the democratic debate I learned that our very own Keith Brekhus ran in the 2002 election for the same seat.

Guilty I am feeling because I didn't register to vote and would have gladly voted for you, Keith. Are you going to be running in 2004? If so you've got my vote. Missouri, last I read, is still open so I can vote both Democratic for Dean and Green for you.

Ann Stewart: Keith Can you send me a picture of you? I want to help promote you for your next run for Congress. I promote my congressman Jim Cooper and I would love to support you on the internet by giving people information on you and putting it out on a website for you. I would love to build a whole fan site on you and put kind comments on it from people on the Internet. I don't know if it will help you in your next run, but it might. Please send a picture if you have one and check out my news blog. I want to do a post there on you and a new website on you. I really think you are so intelligent, you would make a great congressman, plus I like where you stand on the issues. I will do a write up on you and how you have educated us on the issues in the 2004 race for the Whitehouse. What do you think about this?

Keith Brekhus: I'll try to dredge up a photo. This sounds interesting. My curiosity is peaked enough to say lets give it a try. You've done a great job with your web site, and the politics discussion there seems more like talking to a diverse group of "real people" more than anywhere else on the web. It might take a while but I'll send a photo when I get a chance.

Jennifer Lynne: Keith has been wonderful in this online debate. He really knows his stuff. I wish he was on Bush's side in this election. With his education, he would be a great help to us Bush supporters.

Michael Bohannon: Keith, I checked out the new web site that Ann has put up for you and I think that you should go for it. I agree with you that you should run for a local position rather than a federal one, not just because that is your best chance, but in a lot of ways its where you can make the greatest impact, especially since Bush is shifting more of the social burdens onto the states. Also, it could be the most logical stepping stone to reach the federal level. Yet, I know of some politicians where I live who would rather work at the local level than the federal, because its closer to the people. They say local politics is more people politics while federal politics is more attune to special interest groups. Good luck! I know you would make a great leader.

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